2020, Week Ten Compendium

Here in the UK, we are being absolutely battered by storms, one after the other. It’s starting to feel normal – like a weekend is supposed to have a storm and the sun is a mythical object. The whole situation has been sort of reflecting how I’ve been feeling lately. (Pathetic fallacy much?!) I know a lot of people struggle with January, but in that first month of the year I’m always hyped up from ALL THE GOALS and exciting plans for the next 365 days; it’s then February/March I usually struggle with, when that initial enthusiasm is waning, you’re usually behind in your targets and there still seems to be so much to do for the entire year.

That being said, I think the pattern of storms are starting to reach their end and, from past experience (every year so far), the sun has always turned up for spring, so here’s hoping the mood-mirroring-weather trend continues in that same pattern. In the meantime, to keep myself peppy:

Words I’m Loving – “When you’re happy you enjoy the music. When you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” (Frank Ocean)

Inspiration I’m LovingI was recently reminded of the advice “do one thing daily” and, though I already knew it, I didn’t really know it. You know? The idea is you do just one thing, however small, towards one particular goal or project every single day. Because little things add up (and it reduces giant overwhelm to one small thing).

Blog I’m Loving11 little ways to pick yourself up when you’re having “one of those days” @ thoughtcatalog.com

Hack I’m Loving – I feel like “do one thing daily” above should count for this, but, since using the same answer for two categories seems like cheating, I’ll give you another. (That’s two for the price of one!) If you’re going away from home (like, longer than usual), do something unusual before locking the door so you’ll remember you definitely did it. (Because there’s nothing like spending two weeks on a relaxing, exotic island trying to remember if you locked your front door!)

Fact I’m Loving – If a polar bear and a grizzly bear mate (apparently that’s a thing?!), any resulting offspring would be known as a “pizzy bear”.

100 Rejection Quest
Current count = 0
Do you think I can count ‘not sending a submission’ as a rejection by default?!

Words of (sort of) Wisdom
You know what? Life happens. Don’t kick yourself when you’re already down, because clearly something has already kicked you down in the first place. YOU’VE BEEN KICKED ENOUGH. Take some time for yourself. Be gentle. Breathe, unclench, and give yourself a little time to heal. Then give your head a pep talk, schedule yourself an indulgent re-planning session – to re-evaluate and re-plan your goals or plan for life. Trust me, you’ll feel better (unlike if you keep beating yourself up – no one feels better after being repeatedly kicked). This way, you’ll get yourself back up and back out there much quicker (or at least less beaten up).

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