2020, Week Nine Compendium

March. It is almost MARCH, guys. How is it almost March already?!

So, January and February disappeared in a blur. A clean-slate, full-of-new-challenges, birthday-celebrating blur. I officially stated my intention to take on not one but TWO challenges in 2020, and neither of them are the one-sixth done they should be by now (according to the very simple maths I should have gotten correct). Well, one doesn’t matter because it doesn’t really have a goal or deadline. The other, however, definitely does.

So, I expect to expect more of both of those in this coming month (that was not a typo). Meanwhile, this week:

Words I’m Loving – “Get up, get up, there are worlds to conquer.” (V.E. Schwab)

Inspiration I’m Loving – Seven ways to stop overthinking in this video.

Blog I’m Loving – Mel Robbins (love that woman).

Hack I’m Loving – (no offence meant to anyone, this just really made me laugh:) If you ever get caught sleeping on the job/at school, slowly raise your head and say “In Jesus’ name, amen”.

Fact I’m Loving – Apparently dogs are able to see their own farts.

100 Rejection Quest
Current count = 0.
Yep. A big fat zero. Considering I only recently decided I really was going to do this challenge, I’m not surprised. But, it does mean I need to pull my socks up pretty soon. (I never got that analogy. What do socks have to do with anything?!)

Words of (sort of) Wisdom
I don’t mean to sound like a record on repeat, but I’m in a real state of disbelief that it’s March in two days’ time – just how did January go so fast?! As I continue to struggle to comprehend this, and with my one whole month of being a brand new age (as of tomorrow) reminding me that life continues to tick on, let me take this week to give you a friendly kick up the butt. Are you holding back on yourself? Are you procrastinating or letting fear or the notion of perfection get in the way? Life is short, and the only way to achieve anything is to begin; whether it’s right, ready or something you’re not sure of, you can’t do anything standing still. Trust me, the world is spinning, so hold on tight to it and jump.

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