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It’s Christmas week! That probably means you’re immensely busy, so I will keep this one short and sweet.

That’s also what I want to talk about though. The holidays are such an easy time to get stressed out and overwhelmed, and that is the complete opposite point of them. This time should be about enjoying yourself, with people you love, as much as possible.

Who cares if presents aren’t wrapped like a department store gift service?! Who cares if the windows aren’t smudge free? Who cares if there’s only one kind of stuffing at dinner (and – gasp with horror – store bought at that)?! Who really cares if you haven’t ticked off every single ‘Christmas activity’ that’s ever supposed to be done and you still managed to forget something?

Holidays are not about being perfect. They are not about getting everything done until you realise you forgot to actually enjoy any of it and instead got so stressed out you ended up snapping at everyone.

Just chill the fork out.

Life is short. Holidays go by even quicker. Next year you and everyone else will all be a year older, and do you think anyone’s going to remember the stuff that wasn’t ticked off your to do list the year before?! No – you’re all going to remember the memory-making stuff.

So adapt an attitude of getting the vital stuff done (and I mean vital) and letting the other stuff go. If it gets done, it gets done. But if a better opportunity comes along (and that includes sitting in a onesie watching a corny Christmas movie you’ve seen a million times before) – take it.

Trust me: come January 1st, you won’t regret not having steam-cleaned sofa cushions. You will regret having missed out on all the fun though.

This is your permission to be merry – and CHILLED! Go forth and enjoy the season, whatever that means for you.

(And hug a loved one. Hugs are always in season.)

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  1. Absolutely love this blog and intend to chill the fork out ??

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