Five Ways To Be More Mature

1. Take responsibility for yourself

You are steering your own ship; mature adults get to drive. And I get it, not every situation in your life has been under your control, but your reaction and your choices around it always are. The captain can’t control a storm, but they know they always have command of the ship – and it’s that command that has to steer them through. Blaming other people or a bad circumstance doesn’t change anything, but it keeps you stuck – so stop doing that and take responsibility for your own life, because you can always choose to change something. Taking charge and owning your own life – everything that is happening and will happen in your future – is a huge part of growing up (and acting like it).

2. Stop complaining, whining and arguing

Little kids whine. They drag their feet and moan. They’re still learning and developing, and often at the mercy of someone else’s decisions, but it’s all very unbecoming in an adult. Complaining is an unproductive but annoying action – it’s much better to look at what the problem is and find a solution. If you don’t like something, change it. Because adults can take action like that – little kids can’t.

3. Let others be who they are (including yourself)

Human beings are complex and unique creatures; realising that and learning to accept everyone as another human, with compassion and understanding, shows incredibly mature empathy. Everyone thinks differently, and it would be wrong to try and control that or put someone down for it. So don’t judge, don’t badmouth – it only makes you look petty and single-minded. It takes maturity to think about someone else’s side before jumping into a heated argument. Accept people for who they are, the traits they have and the thoughts they think – including yourself.

4. Roll with the punches

The only constant thing in life is change – so learn to be fluid towards the unexpected, and to adapt quickly and without dramatics. Being able to think on your feet and confidently find your way forward in any situation is a strength, and will improve your life dramatically.

5. Be confident

Mature people take themselves seriously, and if you’re taking yourself seriously, that’s confidence. It doesn’t have to be loud, ostentatious displays in public – silent confidence is just as powerful as the visible kind. All that matters is you believe in you and your ideas, are willing to stand up for them, and move courageously and without embarrassment towards whatever that may be.

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