Have Faith (Good Things Are Coming)

Listen up: everything is going to work out.

Good things are coming. Life is going to go your way. Everything you’ve been working on will pay off.

Stop thinking “Yeah, but, you don’t know that–“ or “how can anyone predict that?” and just believe me. Because I’m telling you: all will be good.

The fact is, no one does know what the future holds. Not even death can be a certainty, because who’s to say someone won’t work out a way for immortality to become a possibility, or some kind of zombie half-life isn’t just on the horizon?

So if we don’t know anything, everything is possible. And don’t argue, because that is maths. Statistically, and philosophically, there’s a way for everything to come to be.

So why fixate on the bad stuff coming true, when it’s just as possible all the amazing stuff could happen? What do you possibly lose by having faith and believing everything will work out?

Some dashed hopes, maybe? But that’s only if it doesn’t work out – and I’m here to tell you it will. Because faith is a powerful concept. The laws of the universe are still relatively unknown. Probability is equal in the crazy unknown swirl of future events.

But if you start believing in the good, you’re tilting that otherwise even outcome towards it.

So hold faith. Believe in the great. Accept you are on the path to everything you want.

Because if you don’t believe that, what direction are you walking in? You can only go where you choose to go. Seriously – if you want to go see a movie, but you start walking towards a supermarket, you’re not going to end up snuggled in a cushioned chair with some popcorn.

So walk the walk you want to go down. And believe what you’re walking towards is along it.

I mean, I’ve never set out for a movie theatre and discovered the entire building had up and left. Don’t you go because you believe and therefore expect it to be there?

And hasn’t it always worked out?

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