Patience Is Not About Waiting

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Joyce Meyer

I’ll be honest – I have no idea who Joyce Meyer is, but this quote popped up somewhere a few weeks ago and it hit home. It hit hard, y’all.

Anyone can wait. Most of the time, you’re pretty much forced to wait, and there’s nothing commendable about having a circumstance or state of being shoved upon you.

But how you act? That is wholly and always in your control. That is where the special sauce is made.

(I don’t know – I’m in a weird mood tonight, guys.)

Keeping a good attitude is so important for everything though. How we act and, more importantly, holding onto a positive outlook, even when things are frustrating or upsetting or just aren’t going our way – that’s where your true strength lies. That is what pushes us to keep going and to keep from falling in an angry, crying heap after burning every bridge we were presented with.

Anyone can be in a good mood if they’re whisked straight to the front of the queue. But what has that taught them? Shown them? It’s not going to change what either of you were queuing for, but they just might be a little bit more of an entitled and selfish douche now.

(Can I say douche on here?)

Having patience, and remaining upbeat while possessing it, is all about having faith – in trusting that what you are waiting for is right, and worth it, and that you are totally capable and determined enough to wait it out and get it.

The alternative is to get fed up and maybe have a tantrum or an exhausted cry – both of which aren’t going to make the waiting any less. They just make the waiting time suck a bit more.

And then, of course, there is actually a final alternative alternative. Which is to give up.

But you aren’t even going to consider that. Are you? That would make all the time you’ve already spent waiting a complete waste of time.

And besides: you might be next.

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