The Master List of 2020 Pep Talks

Wow. Here we are. The last Monday of 2020.

Since starting these pep talks back in July, I’ve written twenty-two this year. That’s a fair bit of pep!

So, to close the year out, I thought I’d do a mini round-up of my favourite ones – the best themes I think we should have on our minds as we cross over into the new year.

But then I thought: whatever makes a theme relevant or important is subjective to our own personal circumstances. So instead, here’s links to all the pep talks I wrote this year (and I’ve starred* my favourites), so you can choose which ones (if any) you might find useful to read:

  1. When Hope Seems Far Away…
  2. My “Nightmare Perspective” Theory.*
  3. Today Will Soon Be Tomorrow.
  4. Get Out Of Your Own Head.
  5. Level Up.*
  6. Don’t Wait Until You’re 90.
  7. There’s Never A Perfect Time.
  8. You Are Everything.*
  9. Have Faith (Good Things Are Coming).
  10. Stop Looking Up.
  11. The Kickass Mindset.
  12. This Is Life.
  13. Life Is Always A Special Occasion.*
  14. Patience Is Not About Waiting.*
  15. You Have Two Choices.*
  16. Hold On.
  17. Is It Your Gut, Or Are You Just Scared?
  18. Your Brain Is A Caveman.*
  19. The Glass Half Full Challenge.
  20. Be Kind.
  21. Do It Anyway.
  22. Enjoy Yourself. 

If you’ve joined me at any point from July until now (even if this is your very first time here) thank you so much for taking the time to visit my tiny corner of the internet. It honestly means so much to have you here.

I wish everyone a wonderful, safe, and happy 2021, where your dreams have the chance to thrive.

(I should also mention that this is the last weekly pep talk from me. As we move into the new year (which hopefully, as the world continues to improve, should have much less need for such regular pep talks!), I have a few new exciting things planned for this blog, so the weekly pep talks will be moving to monthly pep talks. Check back though to see what’s going to be taking their place each week – I’m very excited!)

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