#UWO – Week 2: Upside-Down Selfies

We made it! One whole week of being unofficial is already over!

My first #UnofficialWeekOf, appropriately assigned as the #UnofficialWeekOf Trying Something New went fairly well my end. On Monday, I took the courageous first step of attempting to use the office microwave for the very first time (an epic beginning to such a monumentous new era that is the #uwo, I know). You’ll be relieved to know that I (and my soup) survived the daring enterprise. Later in the week I went on a first date (we jumped quite a few leagues from microwaves to entire new people). That also went pretty well, buuuuut I’ll have to get back to you on the overall outcome…

BUT. Drumroll please, as today marks an entire new week, which means an entire new #UnofficialWeekOf. I’m still easing us in here, so I’ve gone with something fun and easy:


Ready? Get your cameras prepped and the blood-vessels in your head oxygenated, because I’m thinking this is going to be a good one!

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