#UWO – Week 3: tell someone you love them

Hey, guys.

So, the situation over the last few weeks has turned into one unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed in our lifetimes. People are scared, people are panicking – we’re facing the unknown and that it usually an uncomfortable place to be.

I had other plans for this week’s #UnofficialWeekOf challenge, but I thought, in light of current circumstances, I’d go with something else. And not something over-exaggerated in an attempt to force silly hijinks about, nor overly serious in a way that might bring anyone’s spirits down, but something that might remind us of what really matters and to take the time to appreciate it – by making this week’s theme the unofficial week of telling a loved one you love them.

That person could be related, they could be as genetically opposite from you as possible – they could be a completely different species for all it matters. Hopefully it will be as many loved ones as you can find a way to communicate with. Just find someone or something you care about, and tell them. Make sure they know how much you love them, and remember that’s what counts. When preparing for the unknown, knowing what’s truly important gives you the strongest foundation to face it.

And let’s not forget: everyone is loved by at least someone. Remember that when you’re acting on what you and your family needs – think about how everyone else around you also has people somewhere that they need and needs them too. Treat others how you’d want your loved ones to be treated. Be compassionate – not selfish. We’re all in this together.

I wish you and your loved ones strong health and safety. Let’s take care of each other, and get as many people through this as possible.

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